Playing to Win in America’s Digital Crossroads

The Mayors Bistate Innovation Team has released a  playbook for capitalizing on ultra-high-speed fiber in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Google’s selection of Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., for its first ultra-high-speed, fiber-to-the-home network was the catalyst for this playbook.

In September, 2011, Mayors Sly James and Joe Reardon appointed the Mayors Bistate Innovation Team, and charged its members with developing a playbook of creative ways the community can use Google Fiber to spark economic development, advance opportunities and improve daily life in Kansas City.

Over the past seven months, team members and many other interested parties have pondered the implications of high-speed broadband for the future of the region. This is the outcome of their efforts.

It is important to note that the team gave high priority to several of the issues that are at the heart of our vision at Connecting for Good, especially the need to address the Digital Divide so that all Kansas City area residents can benefit from this amazing opportunity.

From the press release:

“But we’re also very aware that high-speed fiber cannot reach its full potential if large segments of our community are excluded from its benefits. Digital inclusion will be a huge pillar of our work on Google Fiber in the community. We hope to work with Google and other community organizations to make broadband access widely available in Kansas City, and to develop computer literacy training so that all Kansas Citians can have access to public services and social, financial, cultural, and informational resources.’  (MBIT May 2012)

Download the Playbook now.




07. June 2012 by Tom Esselman
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